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financial intelligence unitThe Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) was established under section 9 of the Financial Intelligence and Anti Money Laundering Act in August 2002. It is the Central Mauritian agency for the request, receipt, analysis and dissemination of financial information regarding suspected proceeds of crime and alleged money laundering offences as well as the financing of any activities or transactions related to terrorism to relevant authorities.

The FIU also issues guidelines to banks, financial institutions, cash dealers and members of the relevant professions on the manner in which a suspicious transaction report should be made. There is cooperation between the FIU and domestic investigatory of supervisory authorities and exchange of information with overseas FIUs or comparable bodies.


Furthermore, the FIU is assigned to conduct research on the causes and consequences of money laundering and terrorist financing through participation in projects.


The FIU is a member of the National Committee on AML/CFT and is involved in instruction and awareness-creation on AML/CFT issues.



To protect the integrity of our financial system and contribute to the safety of our citizens through deterrence of money laundering and terrorist financing.



To be the leader in financial intelligence works in the region and be recognized worldwide as an FIU that adheres to international standards.