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public officers welfare councilThe Public Officers' Welfare Council (POWC) was set up by the Public Officers' Welfare Council Act (No. 28) in 1992 to provide for the welfare of public officers. The Act was subsequently amended in 1995 to enable the council to cater for the welfare of public officers as well as their families.



To be a role model in the promotion of welfare and work life balance in the public service.


To organise sports and keep-fit, leisure and recreational, literary and cultural and informative, educational and communicative activities for public officers and their families.


  • Organise recreational and cultural activities for public officers;
  • Enlist the participation of public officers in the implementation of activities of Public Officers' Welfare Council;
  • Promote the welfare of public officers and maintain effective communication with departmental Staff Welfare Associations;
  • Diffuse information on public service matters generally;
  • Set up and operate schemes or projects for the benefit of public officers and their families; and
  • Advise the Minister on matters relating to the welfare of public officers.