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regional headquarters schemeStrategically located at the crossroads of Africa, South-east Asia and the Indian sub-continent, Mauritius consolidates its position as a prime base for the regional headquarters of multinationals. To this effect, a Regional Headquarters Scheme (RHQ) was introduced to attract companies to set up their regional office on the island.

An international company operating in any member State of a regional economic bloc of which Mauritius is also a member (SADC, COMESA, IOC, IOR) can set up its headquarters on the island.

International companies such as Coca-Cola, Galana, Fininter and Jan de Nul have already set up their Regional Headquarters in Mauritius.

Qualifying Activities

• Administration and general management
• Business planning and co-ordination
• Procurement of raw materials and components
• Corporate finance advisory services
• Marketing control and sales promotion planning
• Regional training and personnel management
• Treasury and fund Management
• Logistical services
• R&D services and product development
• Regional technical support and maintenance
• Electronic data processing and communication hub
• Business development
• Any other related activities of economic benefit to Mauritius as may be determined by the Board of Investment.



• 10-year tax holiday on foreign-sourced income, provided the company derives at least 80% of its income from outside Mauritius
• Tax-free dividends
• Duty-free import of office furniture, equipment and personal belongings I expatriate employees, excluding vehicles
• Duty-free import of a maximum of 2 cars for expatriate staff
• Concessionary personal income tax for 2 expatriates and non-resident Mauritian employees for the first 4 years of employment