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mauritius police forceThe Mauritius Police Force (MPF) is the national law enforcement agency of Mauritius. They carry out police, security and military functions on the island, and there are over 12,000 active-duty personnel under the command of the Commissioner of Police. The MPF operates under the aegis of the Home Affairs division of the Prime Minister's Office.






The duties of the police force shall be to take all lawful measures for:

  • Preserving the public peace;
  • Preventing and detecting offences;
  • Apprehending persons who have committed or are reasonably suspected of having committed offences;
  • Regulating processions and gatherings on public roads and in public places or places of public resort;
  • Regulating traffic and preventing or removing obstructions from public roads;
  • Preserving order in public places and places of public resort, at public gatherings and assemblies for public amusement;
  • Assisting in implementing health, quarantine, customs and excise laws;
  • Assisting in preserving order in ports, harbours and airports,
  • Executing processes issued by a Court;
  • Swearing information and conduction prosecutions; and
  • Performing such other functions as may be conferred on police officers under any other enactment.

The Police Force may exercise any of the duties referred to above in the maritime zones of Mauritius and, for the purposes of the Piracy and Maritime Violence Act 2011, in the high seas.

Every Police Officer shall perform such paramilitary duties as he may be required to do and for that purpose, may serve in any specialised Unit of the Police Force.