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mauritius education

Mauritius enjoys a literacy rate of over 90%. Education up to the tertiary level is free and formal instruction at primary level is compulsory. Ten government-funded and over 30 private institutions, in collaboration with reputed foreign universities and international training centres, provide tertiary education as well as specialised professional training courses.

As part of its objective to create a ‘Cyber Island’, the Government has defined a strategy for human resource development and has invested in IT education and the training of IT professionals. Many key training institutions operate training centres on the island and provide a wide range of professional IT courses.

A Human Resource Development Council has been set up under the Ministry of Training & Skills Development to enhance human resource development in Mauritius.

 Finance - UTM, University of Technology view  in Mauritius, Indian OceanThe University of Technology was opened in 2001 with a focus on industrial systems engineering, software engineering, tourism and hospitality management and public sector management.
The University of Technology, Mauritius has the determination to become one of the leading tertiary education institutions of the region. UTM is a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities.
The role of the UTM extends beyond the traditional roles of instruction and academic research. It is assisting in the economic and social development of the Republic of Mauritius and the Indian Ocean region through the application and commercialisation of advanced management and technical knowledge in close collaboration with government, industry and business.

Mauritius Finance - Overview of the Mauritius Qualifications Authority operations and functions in Mauritius, Indian Ocean.Mauritius Qualifications Authority (MQA) has been set up under the Mauritius Qualifications Authority Act 2001.
The objects of the Authority are:

  • • to develop, implement and maintain National Qualifications Framework;
  • • to ensure compliance with provisions for registration and accreditation in this Act;
  • • to ensure that standards and registered qualifications are internationally comparable.


Training and Finance - Institute of vocational and pre-vocational education in Mauritius provided by the (MITD).The Industrial and Vocational Training Board is a parastatal organisation operating presently under the aegis of the Ministry of Training, Skills Development, Employment and Productivity.
It was set up in April 1988 under the Industrial and Vocational Training Act (1988) with the following objectives:
• to advise the Minister responsible for Training on matters related to training;
• to monitor the needs for training in consultation with relevant authorities;
• to administer and operate training schemes;
• to provide for, promote, and assist in the training or apprenticeship of persons who are or will be employed in commercial, technical and vocational fields. The IVTB became operational in 1989 and was entrusted with the following responsibilities:
• to plan, monitor and evaluate training programmes;
• to design and develop training curricula;
• to implement training schemes and training programmes;
• to finance the training of school leavers and employees through a levy/grant system.

Tertiary education and Mauritius Finance - Come and study in the Indian Ocean at the University of Mauritius.The University of Mauritius was created as a developmental university in 1965. Effective work, however, started in 1968, the main thrust being the provision of trained manpower for the development of independent Mauritius. In 1979, the Review Committee on the Organisation and Development of the University recommended a revised approach to the concept of a developmental university and foresaw a more extended range of disciplines appropriate to the changing needs of the country. Later, after 1987, five Faculties, namely Agriculture, Engineering, Law and Management, Science and Social Studies and Humanities, were set up. Then came the creation of the SSR Centre for Medical Studies and Research, the Centre for Distance Learning and, more recently, the Centre for Information Technology and Systems. The setting up of the University of the Indian Ocean in 1998 has created new opportunities for the University of Mauritius to collaborate with other universities in the region. This is in addition to other international collaborative programmes.

Education in Mauritius and Finance - Children raising the colourful Mauritian flag at school.Mauritius enjoys a literacy rate of over 80%. Education up to the tertiary level is free and formal instruction at primary level is compulsory. The island is a breeding ground for brains needed in high value-added activities. Additionally, accountants in Mauritius are members of the U.K professional bodies such as the Institutes of Chartered and Certified. As for the Legal profession, mealy of the lawyers are trained in the U.K and France.