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In accordance with the Mahatma Gandhi Institute Act No. 11 of 1982 and the MGI {Amendment} Act No 47 of 2002, the objectives of the Institute are:

  • To establish, as a tribute to Mahatma Gandhi, a centre of studies of Indian culture and traditions.
  • To promote education and culture generally.



To be a fully-fledged degree awarding institution of excellence in the fields of arts and social sciences at the international level.


  • To promote Indian culture and traditions as a tribute to Mahatma Gandhi
  • To promote higher education and research in Mauritian, Indo-logical, Asian and African Studies as well as in the fields of Performing Arts and Visual Arts.
  • To continue to instill principles and values for character-building based on Gandhian Philosophy
  • To promote creativity so as to develop a culturally innovative nation.
  • To collaborate with other TEIs and other organisations at the national level in transforming Mauritius into a knowledge based economy.