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Education in Mauritius and Finance - Children raising the colourful Mauritian flag at school.Mauritius enjoys a literacy rate of over 80%. Education up to the tertiary level is free and formal instruction at primary level is compulsory. The island is a breeding ground for brains needed in high value-added activities. Additionally, accountants in Mauritius are members of the U.K professional bodies such as the Institutes of Chartered and Certified. As for the Legal profession, mealy of the lawyers are trained in the U.K and France.

In order to achieve its objective to Mauritius into an intelligent the Government has clearly defined its strategy for human resource development and it is investing massively in IT education and the training of IT professionals. The Industrial Vocational Training Board (IVTB) is providing free training to call-centre and BPO agents.

Ten government-funded and 30 private institutions, in collaboration with muted foreign universities and international training centres, provide tertiary education as well as specialized professional training courses. Key training institutions such as NCC, NIIT, Aptech, SII, Tata Infotech are operating their training centres on the island and provides a wide range of professional IT courses.

A Human Resource Development Council is presently being set up under the Ministry of Training & Skills Development to enhance human resource development in Mauritius.