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Mauritius Finance - Overview of the Mauritius Qualifications Authority operations and functions in Mauritius, Indian Ocean.Mauritius Qualifications Authority (MQA) has been set up under the Mauritius Qualifications Authority Act 2001.
The objects of the Authority are:

  • • to develop, implement and maintain National Qualifications Framework;
  • • to ensure compliance with provisions for registration and accreditation in this Act;
  • • to ensure that standards and registered qualifications are internationally comparable.


The functions of the Authority are:
(a) to formulate and publish policies and criteria for:
(i) the registration of bodies responsible for establishing national standards and qualifications;
(ii) the accreditation of bodies responsible for monitoring and auditing such standards and qualifications ; and
(iii) the registration and accreditation of training institutions;
(b) to generate and register national standards for any occupation;
(c) to register qualifications obtained from primary to tertiary level;
(d) to register and accredit training institutions in Mauritius;
(e) to recognise and validate competencies for purposes of certification obtained outside the
formal education and training systems;
(f) to evaluate qualifications;
(g) to publish an annual list of registered unit standards, qualifications and training a institutions; (h) to advise the Minister on matters pertaining to the National Qualifications Framework;
(i) to perform any other function which the Minister may assign and which is relevant to the National Qualifications Framework.