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government mauritius logoMauritius has a presidential democracy modelled on the British parliamentary system which guarantees the separation of the legislative, executive and judicial powers. The President is the Head of State, but this is more of a ceremonial role since although executive authority is vested in him/her, they act on the advice of the Cabinet of the Government of the Republic of Mauritius. The Prime Minister is the Head of the Government and wields considerable powers through the constitutional right to advise the President to appoint or remove Ministers and to assign responsibilities to Ministers. The sixty-two members of Parliament are elected every five years by universal adult suffrage. Democracy is well entrenched in Mauritius and all major political parties are represented in Parliament.

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Aims and objectives

  • To provide an independent, impartial and professional electoral service which will meet the needs of all the stakeholders in the electoral process.
  • To maintain an accurate register of electors for National Assembly Elections, Local Government Elections and Rodrigues Regional Assembly Elections.
  • To provide a level playing field to all stakeholders so that elections are seen to be free and fair.

mauritius national archives The National Archives houses the collective memory of the nation's history. It has in its stores, an array of rich and diverse records which are of invaluable significance for historical, genealogical, cultural, administrative and legal purposes, among others. As a Government Department, the National Archives serve as the nation's repository of public records. It ensures that an efficient and economical management of the records of the government of Mauritius throughout their lifecycle is carried out.

prime minister office night


To be the leading organisation in the provision of valuation, appraisal and consultancy services relating to real estate, at the national level and the outer islands.


To provide independent, impartial and objective valuation advice to Government in matters pertaining to:

mauritius ministry of art and culture

Aims and Objectives

To foster a balanced and harmonious Mauritian Society through consolidation of existing pluralism, promotion of creativity and the celebration of cultural values.

mauritius ministry of energy and public utilities

Aims and Objectives

The Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities has overall jurisdiction over the water sanitation and energy sectors, and the Central Water Authority and Wastewater Management Authority have been conferred statutory responsibilities to provide water, energy and sanitation services to the population. Moreover, the Ministry is also the focal point in respect of radiation protection.