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mauritius prime minister office

Portfolio Of The Prime Minister

Prime Minister Minister Home Affairs External Communications And National Development Unit Minister Of Finance And Economic Development

Cabinet and Private Office


The Cabinet is the supreme authority for taking policy decisions for the Government. The Cabinet Office, which operates under the Prime Minister, is staffed by:

  1. The Secretary to Cabinet and Head of the Civil Service;
  2. The Permanent Secretary; and
  3. A Secretariat and Supporting Staff that includes the following:
  • Cabinet Secretariat
  • Constitutional Affairs
  • Secretary of the Cabinet
  • Head of Electoral Commissions and Electoral Affairs
  • Ex-Servicemen's Affairs
  • Honours
  • Ceremonials
  • Coordination of Technical Assistance
  • Government Information Service
  • Competition Commission
  • Matters concerning Human Rights
  • Responsibility for Statutory Tribunals
  • External Communications
  • Civil Aviation
  • Airports of Mauritius Ltd
  • Airport Development
  • Air Mauritius Ltd
  • Mauritius Ports Authority
  • Cargo Handling Corporation
  • Non-Citizens Property Restriction
  • Equal Opportunities Commission
  • Coordination of Technical Assistance
  • Air Access Policy
  • Mauritius Duty Free Paradise
  • MultiCarrier (Mauritius) Ltd
  • Media Trust
  • Government Lotteries
  • Deeds of Concession
  • Gambling Regulatory Authority
  • Air Corridor
  • Cultural Troup
  • Desalination Project
  • Migration Matters
  • Apostille
  • Trade Fair Policy/Trade Fairs
  • Religious Matters/Subsidies
  • Women/Gender/Children Focal Point
  • National Development Unit
  • Finance and Economic Development