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bank of mauritus treasury


To be recognised as a modern organisation providing financial services of an international standard.

Mission Statement

Supporting effective public financial management through the delivery of quality accounting, cash management and payment services

Main objectives

  • To maintain the accounts of government, to prepare annual financial statements and to ensure that accounting systems respond to government's needs for the proper processing, recording and accounting of financial transactions and for financial reporting.
  • To monitor the cash flow positions of government and to ensure that adequate funds are available to meet government's payment obligations in the most cost-effective way.
  • To manage the dispensing of loans and passage benefits to government employees, as well as the payment of public service pensions and other retiring allowances, in accordance with prescribed rules, laws and regulations.
  • To operate as the government's main payment centre and to ensure that all payments of government are executed efficiently and in a timely manner.


The main functions of the Treasury are:

Government Accounting and Reporting

  • Maintaining the accounting records of government;
  • Preparing the annual Financial Statements of the government of the Republic of Mauritius as required under the Finance and Audit Act;
  • Ensuring that financial and accounting arrangements in all Ministries/Departments are adequate and effective;
  • Assisting Ministries/Departments in putting in place or in implementing computerised financial systems.

Public Service Benefits

  • Processing and payment of retirement allowances in accordance with the Pensions Act, the National Assembly (Retiring
  • Allowances) Act, the President's Emoluments and Pension Act, and other legislation;
  • Processing and payment of motor vehicle loans and passage benefits to government employees and other eligible persons in accordance with prescribed rules;
  • Cash Flow Management, Receipts and Payments
  • Preparing cash flow forecasts for the government for the purpose of determining short term borrowing requirements;
  • Operating as the government's main payment centre: executing payments on behalf of Ministries and Departments and effecting transfers of funds to banks for the purposes of government payments;
  • Monitoring the processing of monthly government payroll by Ministries and Departments and transferring funds to banks for that purpose;
  • Exercising general supervision over the receipts, expenditures and other disbursements of Government;
  • Collecting certain types of revenues of government.

Depository of Security

  • Operating as depository of security required to be deposited by attorneys, notaries, auctioneers, land surveyors, recruiting agents, and private security service providers under relevant Acts.

Motor Vehicle Accidents Claims

  • Processing of claims in respect of accidents involving government vehicles.