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Postal and Courier Services in Mauritius, the Central Post Office, Port Louis.The 'Mauritius Post' operates through over 80 outlets. In the main towns, there is widespread use of private post office boxes to which delivery is continuous during office hours. The Mauritius Post also operates the Express Mail Service. Air dispatches to most Western European, North American and Far Eastern countries are made daily while courier services, such as DHL, TNT, FedEx, UPS etc., operate frequent parcel delivery services to most parts of the world.

Postal services:

  • Parcels - Domestic, International and Surface Air Lifted
  • Envelopes with stamps
  • Postage Stamps
  • International Reply Coupons
  • Business Reply Service (Domestic and International)
  • Poste Restante
  • Telegrams - Domestic
  • Registered, Express Delivery, Advice of Delivery, Certificate of Posting
  • P.0 Box Rental
  • Pick-up and Delivery
  • Postage Prepaid
  • Redirection of mail
  • Franking services
  • Insured (Letters and Parcels)
  • ColiPost and ColiRodrigues
  • Sale of Coli Boxes at counters

Value Added Services/Marketing Services:

  • Clearance of letter box facilities
  • Personalized and Secured Delivery
  • Pick-up of mail
  • Integrated Mail Room Service
  • Direct Mailing-Unaddressed Mail

Courier services:

  • EMS (Express Courier Services)
  • MPX (Powered by DHL)
  • Drop Centre for FEDEX courier
  • Inland Courier Service

Banking Services:

  • Deposits
  • Withdrawals
  • Opening of new accounts
  • Savings Culture Scheme
  • Cheque Encashment

Money Order Services:

  • Inland Postal Money Orders/Rodrigues Money Orders (Issue and Payment)
  • Foreign Money Order (Issue and Payment)
  • e-Money Order/lnland
  • e-Money Order through IFS
  • Mandat Poste International (Payments)
  • Government Payable Orders

Agency Services:

  • Payment of Utility Bills - CEB, CWA/WMA, Mauritius Telecom, Emtel, MTML, Yello, Parabole and others.
  • Treasury Collections
  • Parking Fine Payment
  • Payment of Old Aged Pensions and Welfare Benefits
  • Renewal of Motor Vehicles License
  • Sale of Government Lotteries
  • PostAssurance, Life Insurance, Motor Vehicle Insurance, Travel Insurance and General insurance

E-Post Services:

  • e-Commerce and Online payment Services
  • e-Track and Trace (EMS, Parcels, Registered Mails)
  • e-Telegram
  • Digital Signature Certificates
  • e-Ticketing

PostShop and other services:

  • Sale of e-Voucher and e-Pin - e-Top up for mobile phones
  • Sale of Mobile telephone Starter Packs/SIM Cards
  • Sale of Phone-cards
  • Sale of Postcards
  • Sale of Philatelic/souvenir products
  • Sale of mobile phones
  • Photocopy/Laminating service (Bureau Services)
  • Public Internet Access Point - Internet Access for citizens
  • Sale of Postcards
  • Sale of Padded envelopes
  • Ordering of Textbooks
  • Remailing (ETOE)
  • Postal Museum (Entrance Tickets and Products Sales)