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wastewater management authorityThe Wastewater Management Authority is responsible for the collection treatment and disposal of wastewater throughout Mauritius and Rodrigues. The organization focuses on its vision to equip Mauritius and Rodrigues with the state-of-the-art sewerage system so as to preserve public health and to ensure a sustainable and clean environment.

With Sub-Offices at Caudan, Beau-Bassin, Curepipe and a dedicated Customer Care Section at Port Louis Headquarters, the Authority strives to closer to be closer to its customers by offering a range of services, interalia,

  • Verification of design of sewers, treatment plant and disposal systems
  • Clearing wastewater blockage within industrial commercial and public premises in sewered areas
  • Disposal of wastewater at Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Receipt and processing of application for House Connection to Public Sewer
  • Clearance for building permit
  • Witnessing of percolation test
  • Clearance with respect to applications for morcellement permits.

The core activity of the WMA is to implement wastewater projects on behalf of the Government with a view to providing better sanitation to the Mauritian population. The Authority is also engaged in the operation and maintenance of around 750 km of sewer network, 10 Wastewater Treatment Plants and 72 Pumping Stations.