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 Taxation - Income Exempted from tax where Mauritian source dividends are exempt from tax.Various type of income are exempt from income tax, including:
• Income derived by a Freeport company.
• Income derived by the registered owner of a foreign vessel.
• Income derived by the registered owner of a local vessel registered in Mauritius (provided the income is derived from deep sea international trade only).
• Capital gains on speculative or investment gains.
• A resident societe.
• Dividends received and paid by a tax incentive company.
• Interests payable on accounts held by qualified corporate (offshore).
• Interest payable on specific government securities.
• Royalties payable to a non-resident by a qualified company trust or bank.

All exempt incomes are specifically stated in the Second Schedule of the ITA 1995.

Exempted Income from assessment are as per the following:

  • Paid by an organization inhabitant in Mauritius 
  • Paid by a co-agent society 
  • Paid by an organization holding a GBL2 
  • Premium payable on a parity kept up in a bank by a person who is not occupant in Mauritius. 
  • Premium payable available to come back to work and store accounts held with any bank under the keeping money Act 2004 by an organization holding a GBL1. 
  • Premium payable to a non-inhabitant, not carrying on any business in Mauritius, by an enterprise holding a GBL1 or a Bank holding a saving money permit under the Banking Act 2004. 
  • Interest, rent, eminences, remunerations and other sum paid by an organization holding a GBL2 to a non-occupant. 
  • Premium, rent, sovereignties, remunerations and different sums paid by an organization holding a Banking License under the Banking Act 2004. 
  • Sovereignties payable to a non-occupant by a partnership holding a GBL1 or by a bank holding a Banking License under the Banking Act 2004. 
  • Picks up or benefits got from the offer of units or securities by an organization holding a Category 1 GBL. 
  • Wage determined by the holder of a gaming house permit under the Gaming Act from the operation of his gaming house. 
  • The principal Rs 2,000,000 of the total sum got as singular amount by method for recompense of benefits, passing, tip, resigning stipend and severance remittance, got in a salary year and the four succeeding pay years. 
  • Any vehicle remittance, including petrol recompense and travel gift which is the lesser of Rs 10,200 or 25% of the month to month fundamental pay payable to a representative. 
  • Rent Allowance payable to a man selected to an office in the Police Force, Fire Services, Forests Division, Ministry of Fisheries, Civil Aviation and Fire Unit of Mauritius Marine Authority. 
  • Entry Benefits gave under the agreement of vocation, not surpassing 6% of the essential pay. 
  • Any retirement annuity not surpassing the IET in appreciation of Category A payable to a national of Mauritius who is not inhabitant in Mauritius. 
  • Support or upkeep recompense paid to a past life partner whose marriage has been broken down by a court of equipped locale. 
  • A representative whose remittances don't surpass Rs20 800 every month is an absolved individual and is not subject to expense derivation under the PAYE System.