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Finance - Taxation and Tax Year in Mauritius IslandIncome Tax is charged on most classes of income accruing in, derived from, or received in Mauritius. The year of assessment runs from 1st July in any year to 3oth June of the next year. Taxation in any year of assessment is normally levied on income derived from the preceding year except in the case of income from employment which is subject to deduction on an actual basis via the Pay As You Earn (PAYE) system and Current Payment System. Chargeable income is arrived at after adjusting for non allowable deductions from gross income.

Any person may, with the approval of the Commissioner of Income Tax, adopt an
accounting year-end other than June 3o and submit a return on the basis of that accounting year-end. A corporation whose accounting year ends on June 3o has seven months to file its tax return; otherwise, it has between 4 and 14 months to do so. Individuals are required to submit their tax returns by September 3o for income derived in the year to June 3o immediately preceding that date.